Social License is but one critical key in today’s operating landscape - develop strong community relations and environmental stewardship

What We Do...

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Solutions for Challenging Issues and Projects

Faced with issues involving delicate coordination and negotiation, we help you find practical solutions.
We can help you develop innovative and effective solutions to address social, regulatory and business issues.


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Effective Public Outreach Strategy

In today’s world, HOW a message is phrased is equally important with message content – both are critical communication components. 
Find solutions to high profile, complex or controversial issues and special projects through our extensive regulatory and public relations experience.  


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Strategies for Carbon Dioxide Injection Projects

Impact Geo Consulting Ltd can help clients navigate their way through the complexities of carbon sequestration regulations.


Whether it’s advice on fundamental scientific and regulatory concepts ...  
to consulting on particular permitting issues ... to assisting with crafting an effective and streamlined permitting and public outreach strategy, Impact Geo Consulting can help.