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Advice and Review of Injection Well Permit Applications

  • Aquifer Exemptions
  • CO2 Sequestration (Class VI) injection wells
  • Uranium In-Situ (Class III) injection wells
  • Industrial Waste Disposal (Class I) injection wells
  • Oil and Gas Enhanced Recovery and Waste Disposal (Class II) injection wells
  • Hydraulic Fracturing oil and  gas wells when using diesel fuel in fluid or proppants (Class II) injection wells



Waste Water Disposal

Re-use and recycle are top methods of reducing your environmental footprint from waste water disposal. Usually some cleanup is necessary for reuse, and the cleaning results in concentrated fluid waste. 
Underground injection into a suitable deep zone through a properly constructed well is one solution. Our injection well experience augments and benefits your efforts when choosing injection as an option.



Advice For Aquifer Exemption Requests

Injecting directly into protected groundwater resources known as Underground Sources of Drinking Water (or “USDWs”) can be allowed in certain limited circumstances, but requires an EPA approved aquifer exemption. 
Using our experience, clients gain deeper understanding of state and federal requirements and processes necessary when requesting approval of an aquifer exemption.



Hydraulic Fracturing When Using Diesel Fuel

Deciphering EPA’s approach to using diesel fuel in hydraulic fracturing fluids or proppants can be challenging. This activity IS regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act and requires an approved federal or state Underground Injection Control (UIC) authorization 
prior to initiating fracturing operations. We help clients understand and meet regulatory requirements for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing operations that use diesel fuel.



In-Situ Uranium and Mineral Mining Injection Wells

Clients seeking solutions related to UIC Class III Injection Wells for In-Situ mineral recovery benefit from our experience with permitting Class III injection wells Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. 
Our insightful advice and review of your Class III injection well permit applications can help you streamline your Class III injection well permit application process and save time.