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What We Do...

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Help to Find Solutions for Challenging Issues and Projects

Find practical, effective solutions to high profile, complex and controversial issues or projects. Our regulatory experience includes E&P waste disposal, hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, in-situ uranium recovery, coal bed methane development and methane bio- generation, and industrial waste disposal.

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Assist with Aquifer Exemption Requests

Injecting directly into protected groundwater resources known as Underground Sources of Drinking Water (or “USDWs”) can be allowed in certain limited circumstances, but needs an EPA approved aquifer exemption. Using our experience, our clients gain deeper understanding of the requirements and processes for developing the information necessary when requesting approval of an aquifer exemption.

Help Meet Your Waste Water Disposal Requirements

Re-use and recycle are top methods of reducing your environmental footprint from waste water disposal. Usually some cleaning up is necessary prior to reuse, and the clean up usually results in concentrated fluid waste. Underground injection into a suitable deep zone through a properly constructed well is one solution. Our injection well experience augments and benefits your efforts when choosing injection as an option.